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Intelligent ACATS

Boost revenue, streamline ops, and delight clients with faster, transparent transfers.

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Transform your transfer process

With AI-powered validation, real-time status tracking, and seamless integrations, GoldenBasis will supercharge your client onboarding and transfer operations.

AI-Powered Data Validation

Minimize rejects and receive transfers faster with AI-powered data validation.

Real-Time Status Tracking

Boost customer satisfaction by providing real-time visibility into their transfer status.

Streamline with Modern APIs

Automate processes and achieve straight-through-processing with our robust, well-documented APIs and webhooks.

User-Friendly Interfaces

Simplify exception handling with intuitive interfaces and smart pre-filled fields.

Bulk Transfers Made Easy

Move thousands of accounts with a single click, while we optimize and monitor the details.

Seamless System Integration

Our team takes care of integrating GoldenBasis with FIS Phase3, BETA, InteliClear, Salesforce, Zendesk, and your in-house systems for a unified workflow.

Customizable Permissions

Assign custom roles and permissions for secure team collaboration. Unlimited seats and Single Sign-On come standard.

Unmatched Personal Support

Contact Grant (CEO) or Andrew (CTO) directly at their personal numbers, anytime.

Modern API for streamlined transfers

Our API with webhooks allow you to programmatically process transfers with ease for all asset classes. Our beautiful documentation, SDKs, and hands-on support make integration a breeze.

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Reimagine your client onboarding

Leverage GB's APIs and SDKs to revolutionize client onboarding, making it simpler than ever for them to add assets.

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Simplify transfer forms for clients

With GoldenBasis, new clients simply upload an account statement from their current brokerage. Our AI extracts and validates the fields, significantly reducing errors and confusion.

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Empower clients with real-time transfer tracking

With GoldenBasis, you can easily implement real-time status tracking for your clients. This transparency keeps them informed and reduces support inquiries, enhancing their overall experience.

Meet your new ACATS command center

For the small number of transfers that GoldenBasis doesn't fully automate, empower your ops team to easily handle exceptions.

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